To the Core is a roguelite
action-platforming speedrunner.
Run, jump and dash your way through levels filled with obstacles and hazards.
Fight through heaps of enemies to save your father and set record times.

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During your boring shift at the bar, you do normal bar work:

- Clean glasses
- Serve Beer
- Receive payment

- Fend off gnomes
- Enjoy Atmospheric music

Wait... "Fend off gnomes"?
Yes, due to boredom you have to fend off imaginary gnomes that try to break your beerglasses

Retro Rockets

Retro Rockets is a retro-future multiplayer game where you hunt Retronauts and
de-orbit space stations as Destructo!


Or play as the Retronauts and work together and defend against Destructo by enabling the security systems that will make the killer robot rest in pieces.


A different take on the isometric platformer.

Explore numerous levels with various platforming challenges.

Completed all the levels? 
Now try to do it again in record time

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In this turn-based strategy game, players manage the heat and power of their mechs to efficiently wipe out enemy forces and take control over a desert base.

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About Me


I am Sebastiaan Hendriks (although most people call me Bas)

I am a Dutch game designer, graduated at
Breda University of Applied Sciences.
I focus on gamefeel and player experience.
The most important thing for people playing my games is that they feel immersed from the moment they play and to keep them excited and wanting to experience the game in its entirety. When working as part of a team I keep it lighthearted and make sure nothing is overlooked, while learning as much as possible.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, painting miniatures,
D&D and of course playing video games.

One of my most enjoyed hobbies is expanding upon existing games, creating custom content for the games I play with my friends and seeing how the game is affected by it.




For any questions about me or my other games, feel free to send me a message

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